Gallery pops-up on Chatsworth Road

Jørn Tomter chills with Jay-Z PHOTO: Beth Ashton

Renowned photographer Jørn Tomter has started a pop-up gallery on Chatsworth Road featuring work dedicated to the road’s residents. The gallery opened last weekend to showcase Tomter’s project which can also be found on his website: The Norwegian-born Tomter also opened a pop-up gallery for a week last year to offer local people free portraits and produced a newspaper dedicated to documenting life in the area. He said of the gallery: “It became an obsession to make a record of everything happening on Chatsworth road… my ambition is to create a record of all the people and places here over a few years to keep for the future, because it’s going through so many changes… everyone who contributed to the paper is local, there’s one writer who grew up here and has four generations of family here.” A collective of residents known as ‘Chatsworth Road E5’ identified their shared aspirations for the street as: “A place where people of all ages, incomes and creeds live and work side by side, where we are exposed to different cultures, tastes and beliefs to our own but still feel at home.” Tomter’s project, which runs from Wednesday to Sunday 12-6pm until 26 October, strives to document these changes in the area. “There’s a wide spectrum of people here and the street is going through a regeneration,” he said. “It was the most fun of my photographic career when we set up the gallery. We had so many different types of people – homeless, from the estates and affluent. I think people like the fact that it gives the neighbourhood quite a bit of attention.” Tomter has sold local business adverts in the paper, which was partly funded by the Norwegian Embassy, and has further ambitions to start helping youths in the area. “The local boxing club has said that I could have a space there and I thought it would be fun to get young people to help and they could learn about photography, newspaper production and writing. I think it’s good to give something back as well.”