Fifty children by Fifty artists on show in Shoreditch

One of the children featured in the Fifty Children by Fifty Artists

The portraits of 50 kids and young carers from Tower Hamlets have gone on show in Shoreditch.

Artists such as Daphne Guinness, Jessica Albarn and Christian Furr, who recently painted the Queen, were commissioned to paint, sculpt and photograph the youngsters for charity.

The project, called Fifty Children Fifty Artists, was organised by Miracles, a charity which supports families living in poverty in the borough.

The charity is hoping to raise £300,000 from the portraits and corporate sponsorship.

“Tower Hamlets is surrounded by the City of London and Canary Wharf – where there are some very big corporations,” said the charity’s project director James Burton.

“We’ve gone to them saying that they should be supporting these kids – they should be part of the solution and they can be, by getting involved in this project.”

The sitters are a mix of school competition winners and children directly helped by Miracles already.

Photographer Ali Mobasser worked with Ricky, a member of the Tommy Flower Centre, to create one of the pieces. The Tommy Flower Centre specialises in children who have been expelled from school.

“I expected someone quite wild,” Mobasser said, “but Ricky was really charming and lovely. He showed so much interest in the camera. This piece is his – he created it.”

See our interviews with Mr Burton and Mr Mobasser:

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Image credit: Miracles