Facehooked: Haggerston School kids give up social media


Could you go without checking Facebook or Twitter for a day? How about a whole WEEK?

Teens from Haggerston School went cold turkey to see if they could survive without social media for seven days.

For an investigation into social media addiction for BBC News School Report, the Year 10 pupils turned off their phones and laptops for the duration.

Before the students got on the social media wagon, they told the BBC they would use social media instead of going out as it helped them stay connected with their friends.

Without social media, the students found they had more time for homework, sports and reading.

However, only three of the nine students lasted the whole week.

They said they relapsed due to ‘FOMO’, or Fear of Missing Out, as without social media they couldn’t arrange to meet up with their friends or talk about homework through text.

The FOMO got particularly strong after the weekend, when students who hadn’t taken part in the detox were discussing videos they had seen on Facebook over the weekend.

One student, Sheveen, said he didn’t feel his homework quality improved as he watched television or listened to music instead of using social media.

Talking to the BBC about his experience, Teddy, 15, said: “I’ve learnt that I don’t have to live with social media in my hand constantly.

“Now, my phone isn’t the first thing I reach for when I wake up. But giving it up completely, I don’t think I could do that.”

Image credit: Marcelo Graciolli