Website reinvents fast food in Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington locals will have the chance to sell their dishes to their neighbours (Credit: DishNextDoor)

Home late and too tired to cook? Rather than ordering a greasy takeaway, what if you could get one of your neighbours to make dinner for you?

That is exactly the opportunity website DishNextDoor is going to offer Stoke Newington residents when it launches next month.

The brainchild of friends Bob Conwell and Joel Ng, DishNextDoor will “empower everyday people” by providing passionate cooks in the N16 area with a platform to sell their favourite dishes to other locals.

The website will advertise meals being made by Stokey cooks that evening and provide an order system for customers, who will then collect their food from the cook’s home.

All those selling their food online will be required to undergo food safety and hygiene training and will need to register their residence with the environmental health service at their local authority.

Mr Ng said: “This is a community-focused operation. We want to bring people together by allowing customers to meet those cooking their food.

“We chose Stoke Newington partly for its amazingly diverse culture – you could eat food made by a Ghanaian cook one night and a Jewish family the next.”

One of the main aims of the enterprise is to provide busy locals with a healthy alternative to fast food.

“Modern lives are very complex,” Mr Conwell added. “We designed this platform purposely to fit around this fact.”

Any home-cooks looking to join the operation should contact the founders at  

Photo by: DishNextDoor