Deliveroo orders rise by 160% in Hackney

Deliveroo want more riders in Hackney. Credit Sam Saunders

Food delivery company Deliveroo has called for more locals to join their team, after reporting a 160% rise in the number of orders in Hackney over the last six months.

More than 40 restaurants in the borough are now signed up to the service, with many also signed up to its largest UK rival, UberEATS.

Local figures show customers are turning to the internet and third party services to order their food. However, Deliveroo charges restaurants 30% on all orders, meaning smaller businesses can struggle to turn a profit online.

Richard Temple, Restaurant Manager at The Vincent in Lower Clapton, uses both Deliveroo and UberEATS to sell burgers.

“It’s just the way that things are going – they provide a service that people seem to want,” he said.

“It’s generally positive although obviously they take commission so it can be hard to make profit on those orders.”

A number of fast-food restaurants also use the services to deliver food. McDonald’s partnered with UberEATS in June, and KFC is on Deliveroo.

Mr Temple said: “With the bigger businesses I’m sure they charge less, but that’s just the way things are.”

Dan Warne, UK Managing Director at Deliveroo said: “Our rapid growth in Hackney means customers have more choice, restaurants are able to increase their revenue and riders have opportunity to choose well-paid, flexible work.

Mr Warne said the company is looking for people who want to “fit their work around their life rather than trying to fit life around their work.”

“Now, right across Hackney we are looking for more riders to join us” he said.

KFC were contacted for comment about their charges on Deliveroo.