Dawn drug raids continue to hammer high-crime Hoxton

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Photo courtesy of Flicker user 'wietse?'
Photo courtesy of Flicker user ‘wietse?’

The Metropolitan Police arrested 21 people yesterday morning as part of the second phase of their long-term crackdown on drugs and gangs in Hoxton.Operation Alaska saw £35,000 worth of controlled drugs seized by Hackney Police, who also uncovered a cannabis factory. Coppers arrested 21 people for a variety of drug-related offences including possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

Hackney Borough Commander Matthew Horne said: “For the second time in two weeks Hackney Police have made a significant amount of arrests aimed at those who choose to blight our communities with drugs dealing, street crime, and gang-related violence.

“For those who want to leave gangs, there are options; for those that don’t, there are operations like today’s.”

In phase one – Operation Haka, last week, the Police arrested 18 men, who have since been charged with a variety of offences. 10 of the arrested are due to be sentenced within the next month.

Both operations are part of the larger Operation Krakatoa, which is tackling serious and organised crime with the help and funding of Hackney Council.

Hackney Mayor, Jules Pipe said: “This 19 month joint operation between the Police and Council has brought justice to a significant number of dangerous criminals in our borough.

“We know that gangs and the drugs and violent criminality related to them are a real concern to our residents, and I hope this reassures them that we are doing all we can to make Hackney safer.”

Following Operation Haka, The Hackney Post has mapped crime rates for the borough against the locations of 14 men arrested in the original raids. Crime rate figures are displayed per 1,000 head of population on the map.

Hackney Crime rates for each ward, mapped against the locations of those arrested under Operation Haka.
Crime rates for each ward, mapped against the locations of those arrested under Operation Haka. Illustration: Henry Taylor


The council is targeting areas in Hackney with the highest crime rates. The ward with the highest crime rate is Haggerston, at 32. The surrounding wards Hoxton and Queensbridge, which both have crime rates above 10.

Hackney is the 10th worst London borough for crime rates, with a borough-wide rate of 10.29. The borough with the highest rate is Westminster at 27.91, while the borough with the lowest rate is Bexley at 4.85.

Horne, the Borough Commander wrote on his blog, following Operation Haka: “What looks like a huge success in operational policing terms is also overshadowed with a sadness: a sadness that meant this operation was a necessity; a sadness that these young men now face potential mprisonment and not a future in employment or education.”