Outrage at Dalston Sainsbury’s scrapping free parking

Shoppers at Sainsbury’s in Dalston will have to pay £6 an hour to park, after the store stopped a long-established deal with Kingsland Shopping Centre offering free parking for customers.

sainsbury's dalston
Shoppers are threatening to boycott Sainsbury's, Dalston. Credit: Tommaso Grant


Customers have complained that the move, which came into force last week, was not advertised. People spending over £10 at the store were previously offered free parking at the shopping centre car park.

However, Sainsbury’s told The Hackney Post that its contract with the shopping centre, allowing them to offer the discount for parking, expired after 5 March. In a tweet, the company said the matter was a “commercial decision” and the store would reinvest the money into the shop.

Regular Sainsbury’s customer Gareth Evans said he would no longer be shopping at Dalston Sainsbury’s.

He explained: “There was no obvious signage on the entrance saying anything had changed, no customer notification or grace period. At the till I was informed that [Sainsbury’s] is no longer able offer the free parking.

“I spoke to the manager who offered nothing more than saying they’ve fallen out with the car park owner.

“They [Sainsbury’s] told me in response to my complaint that the Kingsland Shopping Centre doesn’t want to renew their contract, so the store aren’t in a position to change it.”

He said: “They are not prepared to pay the £6. Most say they will be going to Tesco on Well Street instead.

“It could also have an impact for the car park business located in the car park. Those that used the car wash without shopping will no doubt go elsewhere to wash their cars.”

Kingsland Shopping Centre, which is owned by Criterion Capital, a real estate asset management firm, declined to comment.