These cute kids rapping about air pollution mean you’ll never drive again

I Like Clean Air

Hackney school children have been called “beyond cute” after they recorded a catchy rap to fight air pollution.

The song is making waves all over the world via social media. Have a listen:

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Lines from the song include “If you’re next to a main road, shut your windows” and “the city gets busy and we’re all feeling dizzy from the buses and the cars”.

It is all part of a campaign by five mums to encourage London mayor Boris Johnson to take a tougher stance on pollution.

Their success has led them to expand their campaign from South Hackney so cover the whole of London.

The idea was the brainchild of solicitor Shazia Ali-Webber, 40, and fellow mum Vanessa Sylvester, who is a parent governor at Gayhurst Primary School.


“It was very much like the X Factor – lots of kids went for it but we chose five”, Ms Ali-Webber, who has three boys and lives in Sharon Gardens, Victoria Park told Hackney Post on Sunday.

“They are doing all the things they absolutely love. They love dressing up as superheroes.”

The children, who are aged between eight and ten, come from four local primary schools: Gayhurst, Betty Layward, London Fields and Lauriston.


Ms Ali-Webber added: “I thought Vanessa was going to to give an A4 page and then she sent me this song. My mind was blown by this song.”

She says the campaign hopes to give the mayor the mandate to clean London’s air. A new petition has received more than 200 signatures since its launch in February.

Hackney has the worst lung cancer rates in London, with 74 deaths per 100,000 people, and children and the elderly are most vulnerable to the toxic fumes.


I Like Clean Air recently sent testing tubes to UCL which will give an accurate report on Hackney’s air quality.

On the website organisers wrote: “Big thank you to Urban Development Studios and congratulations to Navan and Gayhurst School Kids!

“After weeks of auditions and rehearsals we have launched the song.


“We want every child in London singing this song to remind the Mayor that we want Clean Air.”

A petition has 214 signatures at the time of writing, out of a target of 500.