Cut costs and save our air: Shoreditch businesses offered eco advice

Old Street (pictured) suffers from some of the worst air pollution in Hackney. Credit:

Shoreditch businesses will be offered advice on how to improve air quality while cutting costs at Impact Hub Islington, on Thursday 18 October.

Cross River Partnership (CRP), a regeneration agency based in central London, will discuss with businesses how they can improve Hackney’s environment.

CRP will explain how sharing deliveries with neighbouring stores and simple changes to storage and bulk orders can save businesses time and money while reducing congestion. Electric delivery vehicles, which benefit from additional free parking and no congestion charge, will also be discussed.

Kate Fenton, CRP’s Business Engagement Officer, says the meeting will be a ‘brainstorm’ to promote cooperation. “You know this area better than we do … it’s a conversation between businesses.

We would never recommend something that will cost more time or more money. We’re asking businesses what they want to do.’

“We’d like to speak to as many businesses as we can. If businesses can come together, it’s great for the community spirit but great for the environment as well.”

King’s College London researchers estimate that air pollution contributes to 9,500 premature deaths per year in the city.

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