Hotel to go ahead despite sunlight concerns

Westland Place (Google Street View)

A hotel is set to be built in Hoxton after the council granted planning permission this week, despite receiving 51 concerns and complaints.

The proposed Westland Place Hotel has proven unpopular with locals, especially those living in the nearby Chocolate Studios building: one resident on the ground floor expects to lose up to 87% of the natural light reaching their flat once the new four-storey hotel is constructed.

Other flats could lose up to 50% of the their natural light and at the planning meeting this week it was argued that people’s ‘right to light’ could be at risk.

Residents were concerned the design of the hotel would not be in keeping with the area’s existing aesthetic. The proposed site forms part of the Underwood conservation area: a group of nineteenth century warehouses and other important historic buildings.

Developers made assurances that the new building would keep to the style of the area, while incorporating modern materials and design elements. One notable choice of the hotel architects is the inclusion of a “green wall”, comprised of several vertical gardens.

Councillors ultimately approved the application, on the condition that the “green wall” would be properly planned for and maintained.