Child dodges injury at dangerous local crossing

Crossing outside St John the Baptist Church. Credit: Connor James Ibbetson.

A dangerous crossing outside St John the Baptist Church and School has been highlighted as a hazard once again as a child narrowly avoided serious injury after being struck by a car last week.

The crossing, which is used by school children attending the St Johns Primary School is notorious for being busy. Pitfield Street forms part of Cycle Superhighway 1 and is often used as a by-pass to the busy Old Street roundabout.

The child, who was struck whilst crossing to get to  school, escaped with minor injuries after being hit by the wing mirror of a passing car. The child had been obscured from the driver’s  view by a parked vehicle.

“We have a real concern about road safety, Pitfield Street in particular” said Graham Hunter, the vicar of St John’s Church.

St John the Baptist Church. Credit: Connor James Ibbetson.

St John’s has been appealing to the council for a traffic safety officer to be appointed to the crossing. “We would love to have a traffic safety officer there to supervise the crossing at the beginning and end of the school day.” Hunter said.

“I’m relieved that the child is not seriously injured, but clearly we have to do more to prevent incidents like this.” said Cllr Feryal Demirci, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, transport and parks, “We will look at options including reducing through traffic in the area, improving the crossing and putting a school crossing patrol officer outside the school.”

The crossing outside St John the Baptist Church. No vehicles in this video were involved in the incident. (Credit: Connor James Ibbetson.)