Chef lives on breadline to prove it can be done healthily


A chef is reducing his personal weekly food spend to £20, to publicise a new healthy eating charity in Haggerston.

Steve Wilson, 30, is a co-founder of Make Kit, a charity which sells subsidised healthy recipe kits to poor families for £1.25 a meal.

Mr Wilson hopes to promote healthy eating in Haggerston, and plans to lead by example.
The founders, Stephen Wilson and Justine Fish.  Mr Wilson hopes to promote healthy eating in Haggerston, and plans to lead by example.

The scheme will be launched in Fellows Court, Haggerston, before Mr Wilson hopes to roll it out “nationally, if not globally!”

The project is being launched in Haggerston due to the high obesity levels in the area: 41% of children leave primary school either overweight or obese, compared to the British average of 33%, the charity claims.

Mr Wilson explained that this was due to healthy food not being readily available in Hackney. He said: ‘The number of fast food restaurants in London is rising by 10% a year. People are put off from cooking and eating fresh food because they don’t have access to it and think it’s expensive- we want to turn that around’.

Mr Wilson is restricting his food budget to show that eating well on a budget is possible, and can be enjoyable.

He added: ‘I’m buying a lot of fruit and vegetables from Ridley Rd market, it’s very cheap. You can get ten bananas for £1.’

The kits will include every ingredient needed for a meal for two, four or six people and will include a recipe card.

Recipes are selected to represent the ethnic and gastronomic diversity of Hackney. ‘We’re doing everything from piri piri chicken and jollof rice to tabbouleh and falafels!’ said Mr Wilson.

‘This generation has been predicted to not live as long as their parents due to bad food choices. We’ve got to make healthy eating convenient and tasty to change that’.

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