Members of Plastic Free Hackney cleaning up the River Lea

Communities unite to clean up the River Lea

An inflatable mattress, an iPad and three bikes were just some of the litter found by 80 volunteers in and around the River Lea on a clean up between Hackney Marshes and Springfield Park. “I...

Jewish school accuses Ofsted of “anti-faith” agenda

Principle Rabbi Avrohom Pinter accuses Ofsted of anti-semitism after his school topped a government league table despite being rated inadequate last year.

Dalston stall holders hit with 2 week eviction notice, missing Christmas trade

Ridley Road stall holders have been handed an eviction notice following allegations of antisocial behaviour

Hackney’s oldest-known resident laments gang crime and NHS slowness

Speaking with sadness about how gang crime is causing havoc on Hackney’s streets, she said: ''I never thought there would be guns and knives. I don’t know why they do it.”

Sweet-toothed Hoxtonians demand a new giant ice cream parlour

‘Future Hoxton,’ a recent interactive project by University College London, asked local residents and schoolchildren what improvements they would like to see in the area

Hackney Pirates invade North London

Hackney Pirates prepare to open a second 'ship' to help support more children along their learning adventure.

Young Black men suffer under police ‘paranoia’

A Hackney Central Resident has spoken out against racial bias after being stopped and searched.

Shoreditch Plan brings concern for businesses

Businesses in Haggerston are being forced to adapt due to gentrification in the area. The Shoreditch Plan has been created to develop the areas of Shoreditch, Hoxton West, Hoxton East, and Haggerston, in response...

Mother and midwife reunited after 31 years

A mother has been reunited with her midwife from 1987 after a chance encounter on a walk with the De Beauvoir Women’s Institute. Denise Mechell thought she recognized one of the WI members at the...

Charity highlights ‘London’s fashion problem’

A local charity, Sustainable Threads, is raising awareness of sustainable clothing. The organisation’s leader, Ruth Cava, explained “we are very much divorced from our waste.” Ms Cava was a coat-maker for nine years before she...

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Jewish leader compares strict housing rules to Nazi Germany

A housing association threatened to remove traditional scrolls from the doors of flats in Stamford Hill.