School Paralympic legacy under threat

Britain's largest sports event that brings together disabled and non-disabled athletes, the School Sports Championship, may be forced to close due to lack of funding.

Money is tight but business is good for long-jumper JJ Jegede

British long jumper JJ Jegede has just jumped over three Mini Coopers — that’s six metres, two metres less than he will need to jump to qualify for the Olympics. But Hackney’s hopping hope...

Architects reveal floating cinema for Olympic build-up

Designs for a floating cinema that will tour the canals and rivers of East London have been unveiled by architects. The project is part of an Olympic-backed initiative and will launch this summer.

MP warns Hammers boss over stadium plans

'Fail to deliver on your promises and you’ll have me to deal with' Meg Hillier tells Karen Brady

Unemployment reaches 11-year high despite Olympic pledge

Jobseekers claiming benefits increased again last month, raising questions over the Olympics' promise to provide jobs for local people.

Schoolboy rower hopes to make Rio 2016 Olympics

17-year-old Hackney rowing champion Liam Downes hopes for sucess at Brazilian games

West Ham: We still want Olympic Stadium

West Ham want to move into London’s Olympic Stadium, even if an athletic running track has to remain, the Hackney Post can reveal.

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Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.