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Mayor slates local papers in defence of council freesheet

Jules Pipe hits back after Hackney Today comes under fire at council meeting

Exclusive: Chile Earthquake survivor safely back in Hackney

De Beauvoir resident tells The Hackney Post about her terror following the Chilean earthquake.

Knitting club launched for Dalston’s nimble-fingered

Beginners and experts alike get busy with their needles at Stitch Mark East

Hackney budget lowdown

Digest the key points of the budget in this two minute video.

Mare Street squat opens doors for London Free School

A former women's refuge became a free-spirited centre for arts, crafts and activists issues last weekend

Enough of this Punch and Judy politics

We should be glad the council's budgets no longer attract placard-waving protestors, but its meetings are as unappealing to the public as ever, writes Marion Dakers

Twin-headed baby skeleton sold by shop of horrors

Mare Street's very own chamber of horrors delights in its gory exhibits

Hackney has a budget and now we face the consequences

Labour might be proud of its new budget, but Hackney cannot afford such largesse

Harold Pinter portrait to help Hackney youth

The portrait of Harold Pinter that hung above the desk on which he wrote his masterpieces is now up for auction to raise money for disadvantaged youth in Hackney.

Recession hits Hackney families sending money home

Families from Nigeria and the Caribbean are suffering the effects of the credit crunch as cash-strapped relatives in Hackney are forced to wire less money home.

Our Top Story

Jewish leader compares strict housing rules to Nazi Germany

A housing association threatened to remove traditional scrolls from the doors of flats in Stamford Hill.