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Teen titles rank with porn in Stokey newsagent

A STOKE Newington newsagent known for campaigning against top-shelf pornography has now turned his attention to the sexual content of teenage magazines aimed at girls.

Artist encourages mentally ill to get creative in Hackney

Arts reporter Katy Barnato visits a mental health charity to find out more about how one artist is inspiring members to get creative.

“Rape convictions should be a priority for police”

Investigation of rape should be made a real priority by police and prosecutors, argues Sharon Smee of The Fawcett Society.

Student paralysed after Hackney street stabbing

A promising fashion student has been left paralysed after a brutal stabbing in Hackney.

Pupils stranded by schools postcode lottery

Dozens of children are being left without a secondary school place, despite the council spending hundreds of millions on improving secondary school opportunities in the borough.

Kanye finds Religion in Hackney

Kanye West is turning to Religion in Hackney for some guidance. The US rapper is set to meet with the bosses of the Shoreditch-based clothing firm this week to talk jeans.

Army defends dummy gun range in shopping centre

The Hackney Post talks to Lieutenant Colonel Paul Meldon about the Army's decision to open a centre in Dalston, where children can fire rifles - a move criticised by Mothers Against Guns.

Leila Deen in ‘custardy’ for Peter Mandelson attack

HACKNEY activist Leila Deen could have expected a tough interrogation when she was arrested for throwing green custard at business secretary Peter Mandelson this week.

More teens could join gangs after charity funding slashed

The number of teenagers joining violent street gangs could increase if an award-winning charity is denied vital funding by Hackney council.

Hackney repeat abortion rate twice national average

Teenage girls in Hackney return to the clinic for second and third abortions more than girls in any other part of the country, new figures show.

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Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.