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Crown Estate residents fearing sell-off have hopes raised

Meg Hillier MP has told Victoria Park residents that the government could take action to stop the sale of their Crown Estate site to private landlords.

The Hackney Wrap

A brief wrap up of what is in the paper this week.

Anti-fascists ask for Hackney help

An anti-fascist group has called on Hackney residents to help fight the BNP in east London.

Boxing stars help out Clapton club

Boxing stars and fans talk about fundraising for the Pedro club in Clapton.

Hackney Bird Quirke joins search for missing locals

TV's Pauline Quirke, who was born and raised in Hackney, has spent a week with Hackney Missing Persons Unit for BBC documentary

Controlled drinking zone approved by committee

A borough-wide controlled drinking zone has been approved by the Hackney Regulatory Committee.

Ross from Friends to marry Hackney-based girlfriend

Friends and Band of Brothers star David Schwimmer is set to marry his Hackney based girlfriend.

Protests at Hackney Empire site sell-off decision

Protests sparked by decision to sell Empire's Wilton Way offices.

Urban knitters wrap up Stoke Newington tree

Guerilla knitters have wrapped up a Stokey tree in a multi coloured jacket.

Fire destroys junk shop and pub in Stoke Newington

It took 35 firemen to calm the fire on Marton Road last Friday morning.

Our Top Story

Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.