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LATEST: Homerton stabbing victim killed after altercation at party

Police say an altercation at a party led to the fatal stabbing of a man on Sunday. This article will be updated with the latest developments in this story.

Chats Palace launches new door funding drive

“We’ve got this big iron door which keeps locking us out,” says Samara Deen, marketing and administration assistant at Chats Palace. This Friday Chats Palace is hosting a fundraising event, called The New Door Supper...
school meals

4000 Hackney children to miss out on free school meals

An estimated 4,000 school children in Hackney will miss out on free school meals under plans to change eligibility, according to The Children’s Society.
co-op dalston empty

Co-op chaos as stores hit by delivery disruption

Co-op stores in Hackney are among 700 across the UK that have been hit by disruption following delivery failures, leaving shelves empty for a week.

Santander cycle hire launches ‘Zero Emissions’ project

The Santander cycle scheme has selected Hackney as one of the Borough's for its "Zero Emissions Network" scheme, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

What a pitta! Hackney kebab shops narrowly miss out on awards

Two Hackney Kebab shops won prizes at the British Kebab Awards, an event which has gained profile in recent years, in the Best Delivery and Best Kebab Restaurant in North and West London categories.

New art on display every day in Old Street

Commuters can see different works by Will Thomson, with themes including ‘Viewfinder’, which depicts outside spaces from an interior, and ‘Flashback’, which looks at familiar spaces transformed under cover of darkness. The artist’s work takes...
sainsbury's dalston

Outrage at Dalston Sainsbury’s scrapping free parking

Customers have complained that the move, which came into force last week, was not advertised. People spending over £10 at the store were previously offered free parking at the shopping centre car park.

Technology convicts child abuse vicar

Technology similar to that which was used by Stephen Hawking has been used to help convict a Hackney based vicar for a historic child sex offence.

Hackney Mayor joins lecturers on picket line

Philip Glanville, Labour Mayor of Hackney, joined a picket of striking university lecturers this morning to show his “solidarity”. The picket, outside Loughborough University’s London campus, located in the former Olympic Park, was part...

Our Top Story

Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.