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Chicken coop on a roof: urban farming hits Hackney

The good life has come to Dalston in the form of a derelict building transformed into an urban farm.

Dazed and abused

Hackney’s trendsetters are facing a hipsterpocalypse, says Lottie Young. But are the haters switching sides?

Profile: Rhiannon Jones

Expelled from school with no qualifications, Rhiannon Jones has fashioned her own success story.

Are mosques masking homophobia?

Relations between minority groups are at an all time low.

EXCLUSIVE: Kate Middleton lookalike plans royal striptease for wedding night

If you're wondering what the Royal Wedding night will be like, one Dalston stripper is helping locals stretch their imagination.

Stokey airport wakes up the neighbours

Greg McLaren, one of the minds behind Stoke Newington International Airport, talks to Lottie Young about turning a former sweatshop into a venue worthy of superstars.

My mates won’t let me get away with acting like a diva – Liam...

James Lachno talks to the rising soul star and former Stoke Newington resident.

TV’s Aggie MacKenzie talks Fairtrade

How Clean is Your House star speaks exclusively to the Hackney Post about Fairtrade Fortnight.

Being an East-trender

Fashion conscious reporter Jennifer Lipman swaps her conservative look for the Shoreditch style.

Tiles and tipples at pub-based Scrabble Sundays

Olivia Alabaster puts down her BlackBerry for an afternoon of wordplay at the Pembury Tavern

Our Top Story

Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.