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Sex cults & pig swinging: 6 freaky Hackney facts

You see the weird, the wacky and the outright outlandish while walking down Mare Street on a Saturday night nowadays but life in Hackney has never been normal. Here's some surprising historical factoids about...

Burger artist cuts the mustard

A burger bar in Stoke Newington added a flash of flair to the image of fast food on Monday with the hiring of a full time ‘burger artist’. Loaded Burgers opened on Stoke Newington High...

The urban beekeepers protecting the ecology

For some people, the sound of buzzing bees instils fear, panic and crazed swatting. With the British bee population plummeting, you may not miss that hum around your picnic in Victoria Park this summer. But...
bryan dick

“Every time I do something it’s different” – Bryan Dick

Great Apes actor Bryan Dick talks to the Hackney Post about playing a chimp, training in ballet, and starring opposite Russell Crowe.

‘I would’ve beaten Ali’ – How rough Hackney upbringing prepared John Gardner for greatness

Born in London Fields, former boxing champion John Gardner talks about his career - including coming up against Muhammad Ali.
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Where are Hackney’s chicken shops?

Hackney could be called the chicken shop capital of London, the love of spicy wings or thighs a common service. Fried Chicken Shop Map Greasy chicken bones litter the streets like cigarette butts in a borough...

Former Guantanamo Bay inmate speaks out

Five years on from his release from the controversial US detention camp, a Hackney resident speaks about coming to terms with his traumatic experiences and struggling for recognition from the state.

Activist Yashar Ismailoglu on meeting Nelson Mandela

Community leader, Yashar Ismailoglu has had varied career but since moving to London more than 30 years ago he has worked tirelessly for the Turkish and Kurdish community in Hackney.

Hackney’s finest kebab house cuisine

Hackney Post takes you through some of the best kebabs in Hackney from meat feasts to vegetarian bonanzas to a favourite haunt of Rowan Atkinson.

World-renowned designer finding his inspiration in Dalston

There is still something of the art student about Marios Schwab, despite the fact that he graduated from Central St Martin’s eight years ago.

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Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.