Meet Pauline Pearce, London riot hero turned Mayoral candidate

Hackney Post interviews Pauline Pearce, Hackney Liberal Democrat’s mayoral candidate, who rose to fame for single-handedly fighting off looters during the London riots. “One thing you learn with Pauline – you always run on...

VIDEO: Take a tour of the new Old Castle Cinema

The whirring of the film reel, plush seats and the heady strains of a pipe organ: all are hallmarks of a previous golden age of cinema. And now one company is trying to bring that...

Welcome to ABQ, the bar bringing Breaking Bad to Shoreditch

Everyone remembers the RV. Even if you’ve only watched the first episode with Walter White standing in a pair of unflattering white briefs as he pulls out a gun from his elastic waistband, you’ll remember...

Who’s on the lineup at Lovebox Festival 2017?

Frank Ocean, Jamie XX, Chase & Status and Jess Glynne are this year’s Lovebox headliners. But who else is playing at Lovebox? Three months from the start of the festival, we’re looking at the...

Hackney Mosaic Project offers sneak peek of work in progress alphabet

The Hackney Mosaic Project has revealed the first half of its alphabet mosaic, set to be unveiled in the coming months. The second half of the project is nearing completion, and the mosaic will be...

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An image of the LGBT rainbow flag.

6 best LGBT hotspots in Hackney

Has there ever been a better time to be queer in Hackney? This might seem like an odd question to ask with two LGBT favourites in the area, The Joiners' Arms on Hackney Road...

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6 things we learned on a historical tour of Shoreditch

What do Tony Blair, Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare all have in common? In one way or another they have all played their part in establishing and sustaining the theatrical heritage of Shoreditch. Theatre,...

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Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.