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Ethical menswear party makes stand against ‘no excuse’ sweatshops

Anti-sweatshop fashion fans flocked to London Fields on Saturday for craft workshops and a pop-up shop to celebrate ethically-sourced clothing and raise money for charity. The celebrations, to mark the first birthday of ethical menswear...
Hackney Mayor's Business Awards

Hackney’s best businesses celebrated by Mayor’s awards

Mayor Jules Pipe has celebrated Hackney's best entrepreneurs with
The Vape Club

London’s first e-cigarette coffee shop opens in Shoreditch

The Vape Club offers customers the chance to puff on an assortment of e-cigarettes alongside their coffee
Victoria Park

Businesses enraged over Victoria Park village parking restrictions

Businesses in Victoria Park village say they weren't consulted by the council on new parking restrictions...
London pop up school

“Hackney pop-up school” offers business masterclasses

Let’s Be Brief has organised a pop-up school
Silicon Roundabout

Rent hikes push companies out of Silicon Roundabout

Is the end in sight for Silicon Roundabout?
Tech City

Could Bitcoin be Hackney’s future?

Katie Marston asks if Bitcoin is the answer to small business prayers?

Betting tax will hit Hackney hard

The Budget will be disappointing for betting shops

Austin Powers Hackney Startups

Hackney startups descend on Austin, Texas for the SXSW technology festival
Bitcoin ATM

UK’s first bitcoin cash machine open for business

The UK’s first bitcoin ATM is operational in a Shoreditch café

Our Top Story

Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.