Vinyl record store pulled back from closure

Christmas has come early for a Stoke Newington vinyl record shop, which has managed to save its business after soaring rent and business rates put it at risk of immediate closure. Lucky Seven, a shop...

Arbeit finds a haven in Hackney Wick to give space for artists

Arbeit’s new Hackney site on White Post Lane - a 3,000 square foot area featuring a large gallery alongside several smaller individual studios - is finally ready to house clients.

Hip-hop Shakespeare workshop

“Shakespeare was entertainment, it was meant for the masses. He wrote performance poetry, therefore you have to see it performed, you have to feel the rhythm, someone has to give it life, it’s not something where you sit down and read it without seeing and understanding it beforehand.”

Mosaic exhibition launches hospice gallery

Hackney Mosaic Project unveiled the art work at St Joseph’s Hospice to coincide with St Joseph’s Day, 19 March. The exhibition is being used to officially launch Joe’s Gallery, a corner of the hospice...

Recovering addicts on the road to recovery with art project

Recovering addicts have begun Lent by embarking on an art project that will culminate in an exhibition at Easter.
Turville Street, Hackney. Credit: Tom Batchelor

Hackney’s vibrant street art culture under threat

The East End has long been a Mecca for alternative street art, from graffiti to huge, watercoloured murals. But this culture is in jeopardy, as more and more high rise buildings pop up across London.

Europe’s biggest gay men’s choir sings in Hoxton

The London Gay Men's Chorus performed in Hoxton on Sun., Mar. 4.

Japanese bands to rock Hackney for earthquake appeal

Dalston-based duo Camanechiand and Bo Ningen will take part in the concert at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen.

Linda Robson at the Arcola Theatre, Hackney

Linda Robson talks to Hackney Post reporter Morwenna Coniam about performing in Steven Berkoff’s Purgatory as part of ‘Cycle East’, a biking tour of Hackney’s cultural scene. Robson performed at the Arcola Theatre, which aims to...

Is Dalston’s art scene drying up?

Now that even the Daily Telegraph is hailing Dalston, has the area lost its edge?

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Gangs exploiting children for drug deals

Gang members are using children to do drug deals because they will receive a lower punishment if caught, according to a Hackney Council report.