Feline relaxed: Cat yoga comes to Hackney


Downward facing dog has never been met with more hisses than at London’s first cat yoga sessions.

We know, right? Cats, that’s what London’s yoga mats have been missing. At Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium we can finally correct this unconscionable mistake.

See nature’s yogis realign their chakra

Animals interrupting yoga is an internet phenomenon that has found a permanent home in the basement of Lady Dinah’s.


Attendees pay £15 for the privilege of seeing nature’s yogis realigning their chakras while cleaning themselves.

Be prepared to cuddle your way out

“Yoga is usually very serious, but being around animals makes yoga very calming. For me as a cat lover that’s the best thing about it,” said Crystal Chilcott, a US student and cat café fan.

Cat Yoga
Photo: Hamza Ali

The one-hour yoga sessions run every Wednesday and come with complimentary tea and biscuits.

When the session finishes there will also be some free time with the cats. Watch out though, cats are more active during the night – so be prepared to have to cuddle your way out there.