Café Morningside holds first fundraising dinner


The charity-run Café Morningside held its first fundraising dinner in Homerton on Monday.

Guests paid £20 each for a ticket, boosting the café’s chances of a long-term future when its start-up funding runs out in April.

The café, which opens on Thursdays and Fridays at the Morningside Community Centre on Cresset Road, operates on a pay-what-you-can basis.

It serves customers meals cooked using surplus ingredients donated by local businesses.

Lise Thiollier, who runs the cafe with Fran Camporeale, described the venue as “really relaxed, it’s not like a normal café. Some people come and just sit around the counter having a conversation.”

She added: “Some people who would find a restaurant intimidating feel welcome here.”

Fran Camporeale said: “We have done up to 25 covers in a day before, but even if only three or four people come and they’re the type of person who we’re trying to reach out to then that makes it worthwhile.”

Find out more about Café Morningside here.