We asked market traders in Dalston how Brexit will affect their business


As Brexit begins to bite across the UK, the Hackney Post ventured over to the markets of Dalston, in order to find out what market traders think about Britain’s divorce from the European Union.

Callista, Burger Van Worker

“We all knew that the results wouldn’t be so favourable for most people. Today we are feeling it – the prices of foodstuffs went up. I’ve been personally impacted by it. After all the propaganda the masses are the ones getting the brunt of the whole issue.”

Ibrahim, Butcher

“I think it’s a good thing for us. It’s looking good for Britain.”

Pauline, Shopkeeper

“I think it’s going to affect our business – there’s going to be some difficulties. Most of my products come from abroad. I’ve been reading about it, but I believe that at the end of the day we are going to be alright.”

Ali, shopkeeper

“It doesn’t impact me a lot, but overall it’s gonna cost me a lot. When goods come into the country and they have to pay a duty, it’s going to put up our prices and that’s the money thing that people worry about.”

Norman, Fishmonger

“Brexit’s f****d up the whole system – the price of meat’s gone up, the price of houses has gone up. It’s been very bad for me personally, I can feel it.”

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