Broadway Market risks becoming a “ghost town”

Broadway Market stall
Broadway Market stall
A stall on Broadway Market
A Broadway Market stall (Photo courtesy of Tnarik/Flickr)

Broadway Market risks becoming a “ghost town” during the week if independent shops continue to close, its manager has warned.

Alistair Maddox said the conversion of a recently closed carpet shop into “yet another café or restaurant” meant the area could end up being left with just a night-time and Saturday economy.

He also declared that Hackney Council had gone against its own commitment to protect shops in the borough, set out in a core strategy document published in 2010.

As the head of the Broadway Market Traders and Residents’ Association, he said he would fight any plans to convert a shop to a cafe or bar, although no plans have been approved.

Scott Hopkins, manager of the Fin and Flounder fishmongers, said: “It’s great if new cafes bring jobs but I don’t think they represent the people born and bred in Hackney.”

J. Piper Flooring has been purchased by Toni Manconi, who has applied for an alcohol licence for the premises. Objections are possible until 18 November.