The 5 best vegan restaurants in Hackney

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With more vegan stops popping up around the country, you might want a taste of the vegan lifestyle. The problem is, where can you go to get good vegan food without paying a small fortune? Here is a selection of tasty vegan eats which won’t break the bank:

Black Cat Vegan Café

Located on Clarence Road, Black Cat is a café that boasts “homemade vegan comfort food made from scratch” and offering a variety of satisfying dishes, from burgers to bagels and even pancakes. Black Cat takes inspiration from London’s multiculturalism, providing a vegan culinary experience that also has tons of variety (including jerk tofu, lentil shepherd’s pie and even steaks), a reprieve from all the salads and wraps. Black Cat also has a bookshop, so if you want to enrich your mind as well as your body, you can do both.

Temple of Seitan

Temple of Seitan is London’s first vegan chicken shop, situated on Morning Lane and so named for the seitan (or “wheat meat”) used to make the faux foul. While the prices aren’t exactly chicken shop cheap at around ten pounds for a burger and fries, the quality of the food more than makes up for that. If you want the taste of good old-fashioned junk food with a vegan twist, you can indulge with confidence and hail Seitan!


The CookDaily in Shoreditch describes itself as “London’s first fast pace vegan joint owned by real chefs”, which is super handy for vegan eats on the go. And being right next to Shoreditch High Street station as part of the Shoreditch BoxPark, you can hop off the train and grab something to eat in no time at all. CookDaily specialises in vegan curries, but there is a wide range of dishes on offer, including noodles, pies and even a full English.

Dough Society

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If you’re in the mood for a sweeter treat, Dough Society specialises in vegan brioche donuts and coffee, useful for a quick vegan caffeine fix or just as a way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Dough Society offers a wide selection of donuts, with up to 20 varieties, including special seasonal varieties. There is also a range of sizes, including some truly massive specimens if you want to scratch the itch for something sweet with a treat as big as your head. At around £3-£3.50 a pop, why not head on down to Dispensary Lane and join the Dough Society?

The Spread Eagle

Maybe coffee and donuts isn’t your scene, maybe you’d much prefer a pint with your mates. Well, located on Homerton High Street is The Spread Eagle, London’s first 100% vegan pub, offering ales brewed without finings (flavour enhancers that usually contain animal products) as well as a selection of wines and cocktails. As well as these vegan brews, there is also a range of traditional pub food (such as beer-battered “tofish”) as well as less conventional nibbles courtesy of Club Mexicana, a street food start-up that offers tacos, nachos and burritos with that extra vegan touch.

These are our top Hackney spots, but what are yours? Tell us in the comments!


  1. You left out a personal favourite of mine: Haunt. It does an almost exclusively jackfruit fast food menu and it’s amazing!

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