BBC pottery judge Kate Malone has £41,000 vase on sale at studio event


Guests at The Great Pottery Throwdown judge Kate Malone’s open studio event were careful to avoid bumping into a £41,000 vase last Sunday.

The BBC star invited the public to visit her De Beauvoir workshop on Culford Mews for one last time, before she moves to a bigger studio on the same streetItems for sale included a £41,000 vase, named the ‘Four Seasons Mother Gourd’.

The event was open to all residents of Hackney, and was attended by school children and fans of the BBC show

Malone said: “It’s important to have things ranging in price so it’s not all exclusive. My artworks range from £15 to £41,000.”

She added: “This event is a way of connecting with the local and academic community physically. Art teachers from schools have come a really far way, for this meeting of like-minded people.”

“Moving three doors down won’t be as big or as open an affairs no doubt, but it’s something that will do the same job in a different way.”

Salon Khan, Mrs Malone’s social media assistant, said: “Kate is an amazing ambassador for ceramics – her motto is hurray for clay. She wants to make it for everyone and this is a once a year chance for people to get little bits and pieces, and things you may not necessarily be able to normally buy.”

Miray Mehmet Fontanelli, Mrs Malone’s intern, commented: “I got in touch with Kate as I love her approach to ceramics. She called me in for a meeting and the rest is history – I’ve been at this studio for seven months now.”

Mrs Malone told guests that the BBC have to decide if they will commission a third season of The Great Pottery Throwdown by Christmas.

She explained: “The BBC show has stimulated so much interested. If it goes ahead, I think we’ll be filming in the spring and broadcasting in the autumn.”