Barking mad? Dog Christmas market opens


Everyone knows that a dog is not just for Christmas. But that hasn’t stopped canine-lovers from buying their four-legged friends something extra special this winter. 

Hundreds of dogs and their owners flocked to Netil Market this Sunday for London’s first Christmas market for dogs.

Feeling pugged-off – Credit Lucca de Paoli 

The event, hosted by dog lifestyle brand Fetch and Follow, featured ten pet-based businesses selling a variety of pooch-related gifts. 

One particularly novel idea came from baker Hayleigh, who started out making coconut treats for her French bulldog Blue. 

“We got Blue in February and used coconut oil to treat his eyes. Then I started baking with coconut flour and coconut oil and giving them to him and he really liked them.”

She dreams of one day opening up her own dog cafe: “I would like to have a bakery at the back and I would l do classes and show people different things about dogs and grooming and how to look after them out the front. That’s what I would like in an ideal world.”

Wolfing-it down – Credit: Lucca de Paoli 

The market even had its own devoted dog photographer, Rachel Oates, charged with making pets stand up and look adorable. 

“I was a fashion photographer first then got my own corgi, set him up on Instagram and then realised that I love animals so much that I combined both passions.”

Oates finds the models in her new career easier to deal with than those in fashion: “There is no waiting around for make-up, if you have got a few treats then you are fine.” 

The latest in canine fashion – Credit: Lucca de Paoli