‘Most people don’t even notice it’: the Shoreditch coffee shop with a £1.25 million Banksy artwork


An artwork by graffiti artist Banksy has been restored and returned to its original location after being lost for over a decade.

Most patrons of the Perky Blenders coffee shop in Shoreditch are oblivious to the fact they’re sipping lattes next to a £1.25 million work of graffiti art, says the coffee shop’s manager.

The original brickwork the artwork was painted on has been retained and mounted between steel girders inside the coffee shop, facing out onto the street.

“Most people don’t even notice it,” said Michael Cohen, Perky Blenders manger, which opened Wednesday. “We get some graffiti tours coming by to look at it, but people inside the coffee shop might not realise it’s there.”

The lost artwork, ‘Snorting Copper’, which shows a policeman snorting a line of cocaine from the ground first appeared on Curtain Road, Shoreditch ten years ago. It was initially whitewashed and boarded over by Hackney council, due to being an act of vandalism.

After being rediscovered by a pair of property developers, it was painstakingly restored and returned to its original place on the 5 October.

Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville unveiled the artwork which is now valued at £1.25 million.

“From inside it’s just a brick wall and you can’t see what’s on the other side,” said Cohen.