Post by: Tara Joshi


Have a candy cocktail in a ball pit at Stokey’s newest nightclub

17 Mar , 2017  

A glow-in-the-dark ball pit with planet-themed drinks and UV-paint on the walls sounds like a new children’s party venue. But when you add cocktails of ice, fire and helium to the mix, along with deep house and techno blaring from the speakers, it becomes apparent that Stoke Newington Road pop-up, GlowyMcGlow, is very much for adults.

different strokes


Different Strokes: an intriguing insight into the early stages of artistic development

15 Mar , 2017  

On the surface, the concept of a one-night-only showcase of work from a small group of fine art students shouldn’t really necessitate a review – it’s not as though you can go and see it after reading about it. However, ‘Different Strokes’ – the pop-up exhibition from six students of The Cass, London Metropolitan University’s […]


Hackney police rescues baby squirrel

7 Mar , 2017  

You would be nuts if you didn’t find this story adorable. A lost newborn squirrel was rescued and returned to its mother by the Hackney Police last week. The problem solving team found a lost baby squirrel today, safely reunited with its Mother. Not what you normally find on burglary patrols! — Hackney Police […]

Temple of Seitan


Temple of Seitan review: Vegans can be wickedly unhealthy, too

7 Mar , 2017  

3 out of 5 stars 10 Morning Lane, London E9 6NA. Wednesday to Sunday 12-8pm. Keeping on top of food trends can be tricky if you don’t eat meat. Are gourmet hot dogs any good? Is charcuterie delicious? How do they make pulled pork? Luckily, the rise of wickedly unhealthy vegan cuisine means that those of us […]


Open Britain March for the Single Market

23 Oct , 2016  

Pro-EU campaigners were out in force at London Fields over the weekend as part of a city-wide day of protest against leaving the single market. Last Saturday (8 October) volunteers from East London for Europe collected over 500 signatures on a petition calling for the British government to remain in the single market. Led by […]