Post by: Luke Barratt


International Women’s Day: Hackney women on FGM and inequality

13 Mar , 2017  

“I used to cry a lot, but now I’m happy. I’ve gone out and talked about my ordeal with Female Genital Mutilation. People are listening to me.” The seated circle of women at the annual Hackney Women’s Forum, now in its 14th year, nodded silently in solidarity, hanging onto every word of the local woman […]


Housing association criticised for reducing number of ‘genuinely affordable’ homes

10 Nov , 2016  

A housing association planning to demolish flats on Northwold estate has come under fire for reducing the number of homes for low-income tenants nationwide. Emily Jost, a resident on the estate who is campaigning against the demolitions, told the Hackney Post, “It’s so disgusting, isn’t it? What they’re meant to do is provide genuinely affordable, […]


Cazenove residents slam housing association’s ‘confusing’ demolition plans

6 Oct , 2016  

Residents of Northwold Estate slammed consultations over a plan to demolish the homes of up to 154 people – around a quarter of the homes on the estate – as “deliberately confusing and vague.” The Guinness Partnership, the housing association that owns the estate, held consultations on 30 September and 1 October, where residents could […]