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TT Liquor: New Shoreditch bar serves up ‘hipster drink of the century’

23 Mar , 2017  

TT Liquor is known for two things. It recently opened in the former Shoreditch Police Station and it also serves the hipster drink of the century – quinoa vodka. Although I got to experience the original brick of the former police station, unfortunately they were right out of the novelty spirit. So I had to […]

An image of the queues outside Hackney Picturehouse.


Hackney Picturehouse workers to strike again

16 Mar , 2017  

Staff at Hackney Picturehouse will be joining Ritzy staff in Brighton for their 15th strike since September.

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“In Syria I had three restaurants, bars and a cafe. London is my home now.”

15 Mar , 2017  

The dining experiences created by East London pop-up restaurants are usually the hot ticket in town, but few have sold out within 24 hours, or can boast authentic Syrian cuisine cooked by a former Syrian refugee. As he chops herbs in preparation for his evening guests, Imad Alarnab tells me about the journey that led […]


6 things we learned on a historical tour of Shoreditch

15 Mar , 2017  

What do Tony Blair, Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare all have in common? In one way or another they have all played their part in establishing and sustaining the theatrical heritage of Shoreditch. Theatre, however, many not be your first association with the popular district. In recent years Shoreditch has been heralded as the centre […]



‘Alt-right’ Dalston gallery LD50 shut down after protests

14 Mar , 2017  

LD50 Gallery, accused of hosting far-right exhibitions and a racist conference, has been shut down following anti-fascist protests. Lucia Diego, the owner of the LD50 Gallery on Tottenham Road in Dalston, told the Hackney Post that the gallery had been closed with no imminent plans to reopen. The gallery sign has also been taken down. This […]

Taken by Milly Kenny-Ryder.


Hackney restaurant Pidgin awarded Michelin Star

27 Oct , 2016  

Hackney restaurant Pidgin awarded Michelin Star. Pidgin restaurant on Wilton Way has been awarded a Michelin Star for its outstanding food. Beginning as a supper club at his flat in Holloway, owner James Ramsden said that he chose Hackney Central to open his first restaurant, as “I liked the idea of being a neighbourhood restaurant with […]

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Cinema staff strike for Living Wage

26 Oct , 2016  

Staff from the Hackney Picturehouse striked on Mare Street on Saturday over the cinema’s refusal to pay them the London living wage. The protesters also demanded that their union was recognized by the company. According to front-of-house worker Alisdair Cairns, the Picturehouse management refused “even to meet” with trade union representatives. “Everyone deserves a wage […]


Church ‘sound journey’ blends music and meditation

7 Oct , 2016  

Two sound artists presented a mixture of musical performance and meditation at The Old Church in Clissold Park. In what they call a “sound journey”, Yan White, 42, and Uran Apak, 34, invited the audience to lie on the floor with their eyes closed while the musicians improvised on a wide range of instruments – […]


London Fields Lido set to close for repairs

7 Oct , 2016  

London Fields Lido is due to close temporarily for necessary repairs. Although there are no set dates for the closure, there are plans to close the outdoor public pool to deal with the growing problem of cracked tiles coming away from walls. Temporary supports were installed in June but Hackney Council, which runs the lido in […]