Aspiring witches summoned to Shoreditch

The Hoxton hotel will host a night of magic to celebrate witchcraft Photo Credit: Lolo Bates

An Introduction to Witchcraft night at The Hoxton hotel in Shoreditch is happening this Halloween.

Guests will explore the history of modern magic and the idea of the witch as a feminist symbol – from the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and 70s, to the 1990s girl power witch, to present-day witchcraft. They will also learn about the mystical power of crystals and other ritual tools and prepare soothing bath soaks.

Run by Elisabeth Krohn, editor-in-chief of witchcraft magazine Sabat, the idea behind the event is to allow visitors to set personal goals for the new moon.

Krohn told the Hackney Post: “New moons can be a clean slate – what do you want out of the next 28 days? The event is a very open environment, but also a personal one where we hope everyone feels comfortable asking questions and sharing their thoughts.”

Krohn hopes visitors will develop a deeper understanding of the “diverse and colourful practice” of witchcraft. “The modern witch doesn’t fit into the ‘wicked woman’ stereotype that people historically associated with the word. She isn’t about inducing fear. She’s a figure of power and feminine potency.”

The Sabat Intro to Witchcraft takes place on 29 October, 19:00 – 22:00. Book tickets here: