Artistic community opens studios to public to celebrate 25th anniversary

Faith, Hope and Denial by Richard Sharples

An artistic community in Hoxton is celebrating its 25th anniversary by opening its studios to the public.

Westland Place Studios, which opened in 1993, is based in a former tobacco pipe factory near Old Street roundabout. It is currently home to 19 artists, whose work will be displayed during the three open events in November. The works include paintings, sculptings and more.

Surviving in an area that is now commercially popular has not been easy. “We are a building that developers would think shouldn’t survive,” said Michael Czerwinski, an artist who has had a studio at Westland place since 1996.

“25 years is a significant milestone, and I think the fact that the building has survived in this usage for that length of time specifically in this area is actually quite remarkable,” Czerwinski said.

“Were we to be paying a desk space rate that you associate with some Shoreditch creative spaces, none of us would be able to afford to be here.”

Czerwinski also said that the events were important because the life of an artist “is often a very solitary one. “I’m not saying that I expect everyone to value what we do, but I would like them to have the opportunity to make up their own minds.”

A work by Pietro Reviglio

Westland Place Studios will be open to the public 1 November 6-9pm; 3 and 4 November 12-6pm.