Anti-ISIS protestors take to Dalston streets


Anti-ISIS protesters waving banners and chanting took to Dalston’s streets on Tuesday night.

Marching until about 11pm, chants such as “Shame on you, Turkish state”, “Turkey stop supporting ISIS”, “Support Kurds resisting ISIS harassment in Kobani” and “Unite, Unite, Unite against ISIS” rang out clearly. Despite reports of huge noise at the time, the protest made its point peacefully while passing through Dalston.

Turkish-Kurdish Dalston residents marched in protest against the ongoing violence. It is thought that their anger derived from Ankara for weak efforts to drive back the Islamic State militants as they advance towards Kobani, a Kurdish town on Syria’s border with Turkey, and for harbouring ISIS militants.

It quickly went viral on social media with one twitter user, @KobanelsNotAlone, writing: “Thousands gathered together in Dalston to protest against the barbaric attacks of Islamic state.”

With a large population of Turkish migrants in Dalston, the threat of ISIS has stirred an emotional reaction in the area as many fear for distant relatives in the conflict zone. Women were leading the protest and displaying messages with images that highlighted ISIS’s oppressive treatment of them.

Witness Micheil Smith reported that the hammer and sickle emblazoned flag of the Turkish Communist Party was being waved by several marchers. The march was guarded from traffic by police vans at the front and back as well as more officers by the side.

This protest was part of a movement by London’s Kurds which has seen events in Oxford Circus the day before and Kings Cross the day after.

(By Jonathan Frayman and Agnes Chambre)