alt-J have “great time” opening Haggerston Taproom

alt-J on tour. Credit: Creative Commons

Rock band alt-J spoke exclusively to the Hackney Post about opening The Signature Brew Taproom & Venue in Haggerston last month.

“We had a great time down at the Signature Brew taproom,” said vocalist and keyboard player Gus Unger-Hamilton.

“We loved seeing so many people of all kinds coming together for the party, especially given we’d got to know the guys from the brewery and their story of how they’d built it up from such small origins to a thriving local East London business.”

alt-J opened the Taproom by pouring beers for 400 customers on September 14th. alt- J and Signature Brew recently collaborated to launch the ‘Absolutely No Worries’ limited edition beer.

Sam McGregor and Tom Bott founded the brewery to combine their love of beer with music and improve the quality of drinks served at music events.

The Taproom’s Head of Marketing, John Longbottom said, “A few key pubs have recently closed but we are delighted to have bought in some high-profile musicians. Everyone has been so excited about alt-J coming to Haggerston to officially open the taproom.”