‘Abigail’s Party’ pops up in Haggerston

An image of the Abigail's Party pop-up set.

If you’re looking for a slice of nostalgia in Hackney this week, the Abigail’s Party pop-up in Haggerston is the place to be.

Inspired by Mike Leigh’s classic play Abigail’s Party, The Art of Dining’s delightful pop-up transports you back to the 1970s, with its sophisticatedly shabby decor and deliciously retro menu.

The Rose Lipman Building on De Beauvoir Road has been transformed into a haven of all things groovy.

In the bar section, walls are lined with old records and illuminated by neon lava lamps. The dining area, meanwhile, looks like the living room in which most of the action in Abigail’s Party is set.

An image of the neon lighting at Abigail's Party.
Lava lamps and vinyl records on the set of the Abigail’s Party pop-up.

The walls are covered in a hideous geometric wallpaper, and adorned with horribly cheesy paintings. Everything is peach, orange and a sickly shade of mustard. It’s fabulous.

The five-course menu is 1970s inspired but with a modern twist. Spicy Vietnamese prawn cocktail is followed by an Italian twist on fondue.

Next is a Waldorf salad with pork belly, followed by Duck à l’Orange made with confit duck and blood orange.

To finish with, there’s lime and caramelised pineapple cheesecake served on cocktail sticks, naturally.

An image of the bar at the Abigail's Party pop-up.
The bar at the Abigail’s Party pop-up.

For those fond of a tipple, there are also nostalgic cocktails, such as the Tom Jones: Kamm & Sons, Blue Caracao and lemon.

On top of all that, the evening incorporates some situational comedy. An actress playing Beverly, the drunken housewife in Leigh’s play, wheels round drinks and snacks on a hostess trolley.

Alice Hodge, co-organiser of the event, told the Hackney Post that she was amazed at how successful the pop-up has been: “We’ve wanted to do this theme for a long time as we loved the play and film so much.

“This venue is perfect. The loos have almost been untouched from the seventies.

“Although it’s not mandatory, people have been dressing up in 1970s costumes. It’s brilliant.”

The Art of Dining have really gone all-out with this 1970s themed pop-up. If you want to indulge in a bit of time-travel this March book your tickets fast.

The Abigail’s Party pop-up is running on select dates until the 4 April, at The Rose Lipman Building, 43 De Beauvoir Road, London, N1 5SQ. Bar tickets are also available if you want to enjoy the atmosphere without eating. Visit www.theartofdining.co.uk to book.