Obama artist profile ‘hugely boosted’ by President

Credit: Kevin Gill

A Homerton artist who received a thank you letter from Barack Obama said his profile had been hugely boosted as a result.

Kevin Gill, 20, received a “letter of gratitude” from Obama after creating a billion dollar bill of the outgoing President’s face for his visit to London during the summer

The artist said that he was “shocked” to receive the President’s letter in August, four months after initially giving him the gift, and that it has resulted in a surge in his popularity.

“People keep googling me, I’ve seen a big boost in people using asking for permission to use my photos too” Mr Gill said.

The 20-year-old also labelled the outgoing President’s journey to the White House and all of his achievements are ‘inspirational’ for young people in the area.

He added, “like lots of us Black people in Hackney, Obama understands the struggle”.