Mums launch app tackling food waste

Image: Eleanor Hayward

An app that tackles the throwaway culture leading to food waste was launched in Hackney last weekend.

The OLIO app asks users to post details of their surplus and unwanted food online, which people living nearby can then claim for free.

Around 4.2 million tonnes of edible food is thrown away by British homes and businesses each year.

Speaking to Hackney Post, the app’s co-creator Saasha Celestial-One said: “As a society we’ve become numb to throwing food away, but using OLIO is a really simple and practical step people can take towards resolving the food waste scandal.”

She added: “If we all start doing little things – like going to our neighbour’s house to pick up their wonky carrots instead of buying some from Tesco – it could have a really transformative impact in creating a sustainable food future.”

OLIO’s launch in Hackney was marked with a ‘Big PotLuck’ event in Lower Clapton on Saturday, which was attended by over 100 residents who brought along a range of culinary delights.

Co-founder Tessa Cook said: “The event really epitomises the spirit of OLIO as it has both brought the community together and stopped food from going to waste.”

OLIO will be rolled out across the rest of London by the end of December and the app’s founders believe Hackney is the perfect testing ground.

Cook said: “Hackney is such a tight community which explains why the app has gone down so well here.

“Many local businesses have signed up and it’s clear we are tapping into something people really care about.”

Co-founders Saashsa Celestial-One and Tessa Cook, image: Eleanor Hayward