Councillor slams Olympic legacy

Image courtesy of Henry Taylor
Image courtesy of Henry Taylor

A councillor launched a scathing attack on the Olympic Delivery Authority for failing to improve long-term job prospects for local residents.

Cllr Rathbone (Leabridge) said Olympic jobs did not cater to the skills of Hackney residents.

Rathbone said: “Fifteen to 20 per cent of Hackney people were supposed to be employed at the Olympics. At the height of the construction phase, 37 people were actually working on the Olympic site from Hackney.

In October 2010, figures released by the ODA revealed that out of 6,423 workers on the Olympic park, only 130 were from Hackney.

In July, John Armitt, the chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority, said of a study he conducted on the economic legacy of the Olympics: “You will never know the scale of those benefits.”