Authorities refuse to hand back Olympic land

18 Oct , 2012  


Leyton Marsh Gathering of Light. Photo by Beth Ashton

Leyton Marsh campaigners are “furious” as authorities have failed to hand back the land to the public as promised.

The Olympic Delivery Authority and Lea Valley Regional Park Authority promised that Leyton Marsh would be restored to its original condition by this week. But the ODA and LVRPA failed to deliver and campaigners from the ‘Save Leyton Marsh’ group gathered at the site on Monday to communicate their disdain at a ‘toxic Olympic legacy’.

Supporters have fought since the site was chosen as a venue for Olympic basketball training in March and have advised authorities repeatedly to ensure the return of Leyton Marsh.

Campaign spokeswoman Caroline Day, said:  “We are furious that the authorities promised to give the land back to us yet it hasn’t been doable. We repetitively warned them that it wouldn’t be feasible to restore the land to its original state.

“They haven’t even been able to restore it to public use by 15 October so their whole project was based on fabrication and a lack of knowledge and ecology.

Campaigners gathered for a candle-lit protest on the marsh which featured a cycle-powered cinema to watch films documenting the journey of the group.

“We’re here to remind them that they’re still here and that we have a positive message about how we’d like to use this space,” Day added “It’s for the community, by the community, in a low impact environmentally sustainable way and that’s why we’ve had a cycle powered cinema.”


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