David Cameron takes election fight to Hackney with Shoreditch speech

Photo courtesy of Mortiz Hager

David Cameron claimed to be wooing Hackney voters as he kicked off his campaign trail in Shoreditch on Monday night.


Photo courtesy of Mortiz Hager
Photo courtesy of Mortiz Hager

But while more than 1000 Conservative supporters packed the trendy Village Underground venue real Hackney residents were thin on the ground.

After his wife Samantha’s televised interview by Trevor McDonald on Sunday, the Conservative leader joked that he was “beginning to be overshadowed by his wife”.

Cameron said that Hackney was “now a marginal constituency”.

But aside from Conservative candidates Darren Caplan and Simon Nayyar and approved candidate Graeme Archer, The Hackney Post was unable to find any Hackney residents among the invited guests. Out of more than 20 randomly selected spectators, 17 were from north and west London, one was from Walthamstow and two were Australian.

A Conservative source said: “This is essentially a London wide meeting. It brings in the Conservative community from all over the city and it gives an opportunity for David to present our message for London and the community.”

Keith Angus, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington said “There’s very little Conservative support in Hackney.

“Hackney is a liberal place. It’s not Toryville.”

Party support

Cameron was joined by fellow front benchers Eric Pickles, the party’s chairman, and Sayeeda Warsi, Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion.

His speech focused on education and the economy.

Having slated the government for the size of its financial deficit, Cameron referred to the Greek government who were bailed out by the EU last week.

He said: “Greece is somewhere you should go for your holiday, not for financial advice.”

“When are these people going to understand that we haven’t got any money. Gordon, it’s over.”

Darren Caplan, prospective parliamentary candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington said:

“It’s great the first election rally was held in Hackney. It demonstrates that no area is a no-go for the Conservative party.

He said there was a cross section of British people there.

“It’s fair to say it was an event in Hackney but not just for Hackney.

“There were people from Hackney there but also people from different parts of London as well.”

Meg Hillier MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch dismissed the event as “gesture politics” and said it had passed her by.”Politics is about long term relationships not about pitching up one Monday and hoping that you’re suddenly going to get a lot of support”

To see a short video of excerpts from the speech, click here.


  1. Having slated the government for the size of its financial deficit, Cameron referred to the Greek government who were bailed out by the EU last week.

    eh? but there was no bailout. there was a pan-eu consensus that greece would be bailed out IF it decided it needed the help in the future. right now it's just a promise – and we all know how trustworthy promises are when they come from politicians…

    just because you're reporting about a person who has their facts wrong, it doesn't mean you can also have your facts wrong too.

  2. Once upon a time in old London town there was this hansom princeling called David Cameron, who dreamed one day that he woke to discover that in the eyes of the common people he was becoming a living god; however, upon suddenly waking up from his golden slumbers one morning in Westminster, he rediscovered that he was merely worshiping a little wooden idol…

  3. The mess we're in stems long before the Labour regime.

    Wasn't it the Tory's and that gravel faced old cow who put the nail in the coffin of our manufacturing industry's and made our economy overly reliant on the financial sector back in the 80's?

    The likes of Germany and France who still have other industry to help prop them up during a financial crisis came out of their recessions long ago.

    The fat cat bankers we're powerless to halt because our entire economy is dependant upon them, are there not because of Blair or Brown, but because of those blue blood brother of yours.

    I'm voting green. You're all a bunch of half wit fuckbags.

    Bye bye.

  4. Well, I was there, my partner Keith was there, Simon Nayyar our ppc was there, I saw Alex, Eleanor, Maria, Hellen and John, all part of the glory that is the Hackney Tory Collective; so I don’t really get the “thin on the ground” reference at a London-wide event.

    Hackney is “liberal” according to the libdem ppc. How many Tory councillors in our borough vs Lib Dem ones? Quite. Liberal doesn’t mean voting Lib Dem. It certainly doesn’t mean voting for the Labour Party, who drove Spirit from his shop in Broadway when they auctioned his lease to an offshore property developer. It does mean being open-minded about how we might make Hackney a better place for everyone. And I’m proud that our next prime minister started his election campaign here. If ever a borough needed some liberal Tory optimism about how to fix the mess Labour have put us in, it’s ours.

  5. Wow. Village Underground AND no tie! What a dude!

    Shame he rolled his shirt sleeves up and not his trousers though.

    Still. Pretty cool huh. And there I was thinking he was just a massive arsehole.

    Boy do I feel stupid!

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