Hackney support vital to Gordon Brown says spin doctor

9 Mar , 2009  


Hackney’s answer to Alastair Campbell has tipped Gordon Brown to win the next election and described David Cameron’s shadow cabinet as inept bunglers.

David Kingsley, who worked as a special advisor to the government in the 1960s, said Labour would be able to cling to power at the next Parliament provided boroughs like Hackney maintain their grass roots support.

Mr Kingsley said: “There’s still a lot going to happen in the next 18 months or so until there’s an election.

“It’ll swing back to Labour, more than anything because David Cameron and his crew seem to be so bad at doing things.

“They don’t ever seem to get anything right. I’d love to advise them how to do things because it would be very easy.”

Mr Kingsley became one of the first advertising gurus to turn political spin doctor when he started working for Harold Wilson’s Number 10 Downing Street in 1962.

He and communications colleagues Peter Lovell-Davis and Denis Lyons became known as the Prime Minister’s Three Wise Men for their predictive abilities.

Now living in De Beauvoir, Mr Kingsley still takes an interest in local politics and attends Hackney Labour party meetings.

Mr Brown’s handling of the economic crisis has been positive, Mr Kingsley said, but he warned against complacency in traditionally Labour seats like Hackney.

“I thought Gordon Brown would come through at the right time, and he has,” he said.

“But we’ve got a good Labour party in Hackney and other similar places now, and that shouldn’t be forgotten by those at the top.”

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